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D&R Greenway Land Preservation Staff is uniquely qualified to consult with local and county governments on land preservation transactions. D&R Greenway also has expertise in preparation of comprehensive farmland plans for municipalities and counties in central and southern New Jersey.

The role of D&R Greenway can be one of intermediate contractor to serve as a bridge between the landowner and the local municipality or county government. The agreement will be mutually agreed upon in advance as to the specific needs of the transaction. Each transaction varies in scope and D&R Greenway is prepared to take the transaction from start to finish.

The D&R Greenway team devoted to land preservation transactions includes biologists, attorneys, and specialized technical staff. The staff works closely with a professional Board of Trustees and Advisors to complete land deals that are often complex with several funding sources and partners. D&R Greenway plays a major role in moving all parties forward in parallel. Our Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist utilizes the most advanced mapping software to analyze land features and information.

D&R Greenway has a solid track record of achievement through consulting agreements. Land preservation along the Rocky Brook in Roosevelt Borough and Millstone Township was accomplished by identifying and managing funding partners to complete the preservation of hundreds of acres linking Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, Roosevelt Borough, Monroe Township, and Perrineville Park.

D&R Greenway worked with Middlesex County Parks Commission to get appraisals on various land parcels, and conducted successful negotiations with multiple landowners to bring them under contract. D&R Greenway's land preservation staff manages the environmental assessments, title work, contracts, and GIS mapping phases of a land transaction. The time frame for projects usually ranges from six months to two years, depending on the individual circumstances.

To learn more about D&R Greenway and ways to achieve land preservation goals in your area, please call 609.924.4646, to speak with Jay Watson, Vice President.

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