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What is a Planned Gift?
Just as you carefully steward you personal resources to plan for your retirement so must we become stewards of the land for future generations. A planned gift to D&R Greenway Land Trust allows you to create a legacy of permanent open space, and may return income to you for life as well as provide important tax benefits. Become a member of the EverGreen Circle and ensure your lasting legacy through the land.

Common forms of planned gifts include:
• Bequests: Create a legacy under your will or from your revocable trust
• Retirement Plan Assets: use your tax deferred funds to benefit D&R Greenway
• Life Income Gifts: Charitable gift and charitable Remainder Trusts benefit you and D&R Greenway
• Gifts of appreciated assets: Give stock, land or other appreciated property and avoid capital gains tax

Trails volunteers construct a trail on preserved lands near Route 518 in Lambertville

How do I name D&R Greenway in my will?
The simplest way to make a planned gift is to remember D&R Greenway in your will. A bequest in your will, or in your revocable trust, can be a gift of a specific sum of money or a fraction of your estate. The gift can be made upon your death or it can be a contingent bequest that occurs after a particular event, such as the death of a spouse or the end of a a child’s trust. You may also give specific holdings, such as shares of stock or real estate.

Sample language for a bequest
“I give, devise and bequeath (dollar amount/percentage/specific asset) to D&R Greenway Land Trust, located in Princeton, New Jersey, for the organization’s general uses and purposes, or any future campaign.”

How will my gift be used?
A planned gift presents an opportunity that is meaningful to the donor and advances the mission of D&R Greenway. You can choose to support educational programs, trail building, or endowment for land acquisition and stewardship. If you don’t specify the purpose of your gift, the Board of Trustees will determine its most applicable purpose. All individual plans will be kept in strict confidence.

D&R Greenway’s Vision
We permanently preserve watershed lands and large scale landscapes and farms, to prevent the loss of open space to development. Our region consists of over 1,500 square miles, encompassing portions of the Delaware, Raritan and Millstone River watersheds and the Delaware & Raritan Canal. This includes Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Burlington and Monmouth counties. In 2008, D&R Greenway partnered with the state to preserve the 1,900-acre Seabrook family farm in Mannington Township, Salem County, New Jersey.

Our Mission:
• Preserve and protect a permanent network of natural lands and open spaces, creating the conditions for a healthy and diverse environment to flourish
• Provide the public with appropriate access to these areas, encouraging active lifestyles and a greater appreciation of the natural world
• Inspire a conservation ethic promoting policies, educational programs and partnerships to foster public commitment to land preservation

Linda J. Mead,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Leslie Davis Potter
Director of Development

Megan Thomas & Richard Hanson
Co-Chairs of Planned Gifts Committee

D&R Greenway Land Trust
at the Johnson Education Center
One Preservation Place
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