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Spirit by William Vandever

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"Coexisting Structures: Artists, Architects, and Nature"

Exhibit is open for viewing through May 29

Artists and architects study patterns in nature to design a built environment compatible with the natural order. This exhibit is a visual celebration and exploration of this balance.


Whirlwind by Marina Ahun


Exhibiting Artists:
Marina Ahun, Fred Diseroad, George Donovan, Richard Farmer,
Susan Hockaday, Bill Hoo, Robert Kear, Jonathon Wells

Architectural Designs:
Michael Graves Architecture & Design, Ford 3 Architects LLC, Studio Hillier,
The New Jersey Barn Company, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design

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Eternal Beauty, Perpetual Green: Preserves through the Seasons

April 17 - June 16, 2017

"Redbud Tree in Garden at Greenway Meadows" by Mary M. Michaels

"For some things there are no wrong seasons. Which is what I dream of for me." -Mary Oliver

The artists in this exhibit celebrate the beauty of preservation through every careful brushstroke, touch of pen to paper, and conjuring of sculptural form. With many works depicting D&R Greenway preserves throughout the year, the perpetual value of conservation is visually cherished and honored.  

Artists: Bob Barish, Heather Barros, Lora Durr, Lucy Kalian, Mary M. Michaels, Bruce Perlmutter, Stella Ryan

Nature's Healing Gifts

February 13 - April 7, 2017

Exhibited works depict the gifts from nature that have healed us for centuries and continue to sustain us. 

"Mullica Bend Basin" by Albert Horner


Artists: Priscilla Snow Algava, William Dix, Karen McLean, Dallas Piotrowski, Michelle Post, Ray Yaeger. Special exhibition by Albert Horner.


D&R Greenway Founders Exhibit

January 5 - February 3, 2017

"Vermont Splendor" by Grace Previty Johnston


Three exhibits that make panorama of paintings, pastels and photographs celebrating founders Jim Amon, Rosemary Blair, Sam Hamill and Bob Johnston:

Beauty Takes Flight by photographer Jim Amon

Inspirational Landscapes: Around the World by pastel artist Grace Previty Johnston

Selections of Farms, Barns and Bridges by Joe Kazimierczyk


Farms, Barns and Bridges

October 24 - December 16, 2016

A century ago, our landscape was dominated by farmland, with its rolling hills, patchwork grids of planted rows, silos, barns and covered bridges. Our memories of the rural landscape are often preserved by artists who convey these scenes. Since 1989, D&R Greenway Land Trust has been preserving New Jersey farmland to ensure bountiful local crops, healthy water and scenic vistas. 

"Grandpa's Jersey Farm" by Phillip Luth


Artists: Jim Amon, Kathleen Amon, Bob Barish, Sheila Bodine, Nina Bolfing, Cheryl Bomba, Silvère Boureau, Gail Bracegirdle, Jay Brandinger,  John Brecko, Peter Burt, Dylan Carroll, Richard Chenoweth,  Larry Chestnut, Guy Ciarcia, Lisa DeMarsico, Connie Dierks,  Suzanne Dinger, Jennifer Driscoll, Mike Dziomba, Lynn Ebeling,  Sean Edwards, Renee Egan, Sandra Eliot, Fred Gardner, Carl Geisler, Dee Gozonsky, Helmut Kunst, Deborah Land, Barbara Lawrence,  Mary Leck, Ronald LeMahieu, Susan Liddle, Phillip Luth, Larry Parsons, William H. McCarroll, William Metz, Mary M. Michaels,  Shana Mimnaugh, Susan Mitrano, Pamela Neece, Joyce Ochs,  Sandy O'Connor, Tasha O'Neill, Santford Overton, Paula Pearl,  Dallas Piotrowski, Charles Plohn, Bennett Povlow, Teresa Prashad,  Pat Proniewski, Janet Purcell, Jack Quinn, Richard Rappleyea,  Cindy Roesinger, Peggy J. Rose, Denise Sandy, Sandra Shapiro,  C.A. Shofed, Margaret Simpson, Allison Singer, Aurelle P. Sprout,  Lucia Stout, Robert Sussna, Judith Sutton, Tom Chesar,  Annelies van Dommelen, Ellen Veden, Samuel Vovsi, Patrick Walsh, Mary Waltham, Mary Ann Weisser, J. Michael Williams,  Rebecca Wojchiechowicz, Evan Wolarsky, William Wolfe, Joy Yagid, Jane Zamost, Steve Zazenski, Ewa Zeller, Anne Zeman

Rare Wildlife Revealed: The James Fiorentino Traveling Exhibition

September 12 - October 14, 2016

The realistic paintings of James Fiorentino depict some of New Jersey's most endangered and vulnerable species. Sales of original paintings, limited edition digital prints and a book with a forward by former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean, as well as wildlife merchandise, will benefit D&R Greenway Land Trust and Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

Eastern Box Turtle by James Fiorentino


Art as Activism: Climate Change

June 27 - August 26, 2016

Art as Activism: Climate Change showcases the role of art in climate change activism and demonstrates how artists harness compassion to express their concern.

Dream of Reason by Tricia Zimic


Artists: Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, Susan Hoenig, Bill Hoo, Joy Kreves, Nancy Lynn Toolan and Tricia Zimic.

Wild Designs: Animal Constructions

April 18 - June 17, 2016

From a silkworm secreting a single strand of silk and swathing itself in a cocoon, to a female organ-pipe wasp braiding balls of mud into a tubular nest to nourish her young, some of the greatest design can be found in nature. 

Lace Spider Web by Joy Kreves


Artwork by: Harry Bower, Linda Gebhard, Susan Hoenig, Gyuri Hollosy, Joy Kreves, Eva Mantell, Donna Payton, Kathleen Preziosi,  Libby Ramage and Richard Sanders.


February 8 - April 8, 2016

Celebrating birds in flight, this art exhibit examines migratory patterns and emphasizes the importance of native New Jersey flora in providing nutrients to birds.

Caught by Angela Petsis



November 15, 2015 - January 22, 2016

From fiery sunsets to abstract expressions of burning embers and sizzling heat, artwork in this exhibit inspires a conservation ethic. Fire celebrates the passion we feel in our souls for preserving the earth. Without land on which to grow food, produce clean water and air, and connect to the core of ourselves, we do not have life. It is this passion that fuels the work of D&R Greenway Land Trust. 

Vulcan by Tasha O'Neill

Artists: Marina Ahun, Priscilla Algava, Jim Amon, Kathleen Amon, Rick Baker, Heather Barros, Laura Beard, Silvere Boureau, Gail Bracegirdle, Deb Brockway, Lisa Budd, Julie Cavallaro, Diane Tomash, Dallas Piotrowski, Connie Dierks, Joanne Donnelly, Lynn Ebeling, Beth Evans, Fred Gardner, Carl Geisler, Eugene Gladston, Richard Grant, Susan Hogan, Jeaninne Honstein, Olivia Jupillat, Joy Kreves, Ronald LeMahieu, Elizabeth Levering, Ryan Lilienthal, Byron Lum, Thomas Marshall, Steven Martz, Catherine Martzloff, Helene Mazur, Tara McGowan, Lucretia E. McGuff-Silverman, William Metz, R.A.Mitchell, Paul Mordetsky, Rita Nannini, Tasha O'Neill, Dan Preston, Pat Proniewski, Janet Purcell, Margaret Rose, MJ Sagan, Carol McClure Sanzalone, Martin Schwartz, Sandra Shapiro, Aurelle P. Sprout, Nancy Toolan, Samuel Vovsi, Anne Zeman

Nature Soothes, Nature Restores, Nature Heals

Photography by the Princeton Photography Club

October 5 - November 6, 2015

Exhibiting members include: David Anderson, Gary Saretzky, Carl Geisler, Jay Brandinger, Lauren Curtis, Martha Weintraub, Mary Leck, Barbara Warren, Sandy Shapiro, Scott Gordon, Summer Pramer, Tasha O'Neill, Ilya Genin, Marty Schwartz, Chris Stadelmeir, Joel Blum, Janet Hautau, Jonathan Walker, Randy Koslo, Vivien Van Natta, Judith Keneman, Wayne Klaw

Nature's Beauty

August 11 - September 25, 2015

Awards reception: 
Friday, September 25, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Vinalhaven by Charles McVicker

Palette with Purpose: COLOR in NATURE"

June 8 - July 31, 2015

Color is critical to how flora and fauna function, whether it is to hide from a predator, sneak up on prey, or to attract a mate. Experience how color calls & conceals, with a special exploration of camouflage by the Contemporary Art Group.

Zebra Herd by Paul Federico


Contemporary Art Group:
Margaret McCrary Anderson, Virginia Carroll, Alicia Cotter, Paul Federico, Brooke Gardiner, Monique Hendricks, Mel Holston, Donald Kuhn, Eduardo Lara, Lane Lewis,
Charlann Meluso, Tom Perri, Sharon Reed, Linnea W. Rhodes, Bob Sharen,
Cecilly Sullivan, Cynthia Weiss, Gail Winbury

Selected Artists:
Jim Amon, Amadeo De Bona, Jamaila Hernandez, Teresa Prashad,
Megan Uhaze-Wear, Anne Zeman

Coexisting Structures: Artists, Architects, and Nature

March 30 - May 29, 2015

Whirlwind by Marina Ahun


Exhibiting Artists:
Marina Ahun, Fred Diseroad, George Donovan, Richard Farmer,
Susan Hockaday, Bill Hoo, Robert Kear, Jonathon Wells

Architectural Designs:
Michael Graves Architecture & Design, Ford 3 Architects LLC, Studio Hillier,
The New Jersey Barn Company, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design


High Noon to Midnight Moon: Talismans of the Horizon

January 20 - March 20, 2015

a celebration of celestial wonder

Exhibiting artists:
Silvere Boureau, Annelies van Dommelen, Lora Durr, Deborah Land, Kathleen Liao,
Paula Pearl, Rye Tippett, Diane Tomash, Ray Yaeger

Horse being chased by the sun by Rye Tippett

Pink Dogwood Flowers by Silvere Boureau

Full Moon High Tide by Diane Tomash

Spirit of the American Revolution by Silvere Boureau

The Cape by Ray Yeager

Botanicals Illuminated

March 14, 2014 - January 9, 2015

Art+10, elite group of Princeton regional artists, created new works featuring color, light, and NJ native plants, on D&R Greenway Preserves. Award-winning botanical illustrators were featured in the Upmeyer Room and "Curator’s Choice," in the Evelyne V. Johnson Room celebrates regional artists, Karen McLean, Carol Sanzalone and Madelaine Shellaby.

Exhibiting artists:

Botanical Artists
Chiara Becchi, Carrie Di Costanzo, Fran Henig, Ann Hoffenberg, Robin Jess,
Lanis Monfried, Carol O’Neill, Linda Sedgewick, and Carol Woodin

Art + 10
Priscilla Algava , Heather Barros, Jim Bongartz, Betty Curtiss, Katja De Ruyter,
Suzanne Dinger, Jeaninne Honstein, Ryan Lilienthal, Meg Michael, Tasha O’Neill,
and Gill Stewart

Curator’s Choice
Karen McLean, Carol Sanzalone, and Madelaine Shellaby


Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water

March 31 - May 31, 2014

Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water was a juried art exhibit that featured artistic interpretations of water to communicate the importance and beauty of water to our lives and our ecosystems. Plentiful, polluted, scarce, and inspiring.

Splash by Rory Mahon

Koi in the Shadows by Isaiah Ratterman

Playing Koi by Marina Ahun


Wild Creatures: 40 Years Protecting Endangered Species

January 29 - March 21, 2014

a multi-media exhibition of creatures on the brink of extinction, creatures lost for all time,
and species brought back to various levels of thriving

Exhibiting artists:
Annelies van Dommelen, James Fiorentino, Susan Hoenig, Tom Mills,
Dallas Piotrowski, Tricia Zimic, Megan Uhaze, Lynn Cheng Varga

Click here to view Endangered Species Informational Panels

Dodo by Dallas Piotrowski

Portrait of a Tiger by James Fiorentino

X by Annelies van Dommelen

Tired by Tricia Zimic

Storm by Tricia Zimic

Black Footed Ferret by Megan Uhaze

The Fallen and the Unfallen: Trees in Peril

October 14 - December 14, 2013

“Art that celebrates trees as they feature in the world and in art and legend. Included are drawings, paintings, and sculpture by members of the Princeton Artists Alliance. Works on the exhibition theme range from the majesty of trees to those damaged and/or lost during Superstorm Sandy. A celebration of endurance and resilience.” –Linda Arntzenius

Solo exhibit by Karen McLean, “Conversations Between Nature and Myself” featuring depictions of embellished trees on expanses of lavish gold.

Exhibiting artists:
Princeton Artists Alliance: Joanne Augustine,  Hetty Baiz, Joy Barth, Anita Benarde,
Zenna Broomer, Jennifer Cadoff, Rajie Cook, Clem Fiori, Thomas Francisco, Carol Hanson, Shellie Jacobson, Margaret Kennard Johnson, Nancy Kern, Charles McVicker, 
Lucy Graves McVicker, Harry I. Naar, James Perry, Richard Sanders, Madelaine Shellaby, Marie Sturken and Barbara Watts     

The Tree by Charles McVicker

Eye of the Storm by James Perry

Roots by Karen McLean

Magnolia by Jennifer Cadoff


The Feathered and the Field

August 5 - October 5, 2013

“If I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” –George Eliot

Celebrating the beautiful spirit of birds and the expansive fields and open spaces where they soar. A visual transition from summer to autumn depicting birds, barns, crops & flocks in a stunning variety of mediums.

“The impetus for this exhibit is to celebrate the beauty of birds while encouraging visitors to consider the plants that nourish them as they migrate, the houses we can build to keep them warm, and the different types of birds that flit about our fertile earth.” Diana Moore, Curator

Exhibiting artists:
Francesca Azzara, Beatrice Bork, Bill Dix, Carolyn H. Edlund, Brenda Jones,
David Robinson, Rye Tippett, and Charles David Viera

What are groups of birds called?
Click here for a guide to the vocabulary of flocks in the exhibit!

Goldfinch by Beatrice Bork

Coming Home by Francesca Azzara

Bird in Flight 5 by Charles David Viera

Cedar Waxwings by Brenda Jones


Dangerous Blossoms

May 13 - July 19, 2013

The soft petals and gladdened leaves of flowers and exotic plants may be beautiful to look at, but their hidden dangers are more than “skin-deep.” Visitors to this exhibit discover the artistic interpretation and potent secrets of the poisonous plants author Agatha Christie and other writers favor as a means of demise for unsuspecting victims, and learn how certain pretty but dangerous non-native blossoms are killing native plants in our landscape.

Exhibiting artists:
Silvere Boureau, Gail Bracegirdle, Linda Brooks Hirschman, Bisa Butler, Dolores Cohen,
Lora Durr, Kathie Miranda, Linnea W. Rhodes, William Vandever, Andrew Wilkinson,
and Anne Zeman

Click here for the Dangerous Blossoms educational panels.

Sky Gazing

February 25 - May 2, 2013

Is there anything so infinite as the sky? This art exhibit encourages visitors to look up through the screen of branches, falling snow and the gentle movement of clouds to experience the sky through artists’ eyes. 

Exhibiting artists:
Deb Brockway, Merrilee Drakulich, Lora Durr, Donna Gratkowski, Ann Guidera-Matey, Donna Levinstone, Charles McVicker, Lucy Graves McVicker, Paul Mordetsky,
Stefanie Silverman, Neil Thompson, and Mary Waltham

Click here for the Sky Gazing educational panels.

Genesis by Paul Mordetsky

Clouds over Normandy by Merrillee Drakulich

After Harvest by Mary Waltham

Western Sky by Neil Thompson

Urban Landscapes

December 5, 2012 - February 15, 2013

This exhibition evokes the contemporary relationship between the urban and the natural, where constellations compete with city lights and cement cloverleafs are more common than wildflowers.

In this exhibit, the natural and the urban uniquely intertwine, evoking livable landscapes and startling juxtapositions, such as Tricia Zimic’s black bears feasting under a highway superstructure.  Trompe-l’oeil artist, Louis Russomanno, brings Trenton old and new to life, in “The Mud Men.” Past, present, and future emerge in cityscapes small and large.

Exhibiting artists:
Susan Marie Brundage, Jean Childs Buzgo, Chris Kline, Thom Lynch, Leon Rainbow, Linnea W. Rhodes, Louis Russomanno and Tricia Zimic, along with select works by the TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen) A-Team artists.

Mud Men by Louis Russomanno

Black Bears by Tricia Zimic

White Diamond by Thom Lynch

Rest Stop WVA by Susan Marie Brundage


Sustainable Harvest

September 4 - November 9, 2012

"There is life in the ground: it goes into the seeds; and it also, when it is stirred up, goes into the man who stirs it.” - Charles Dudley Warner, 1871

Celebrate the seed, the sown, and the soil. Experience the ways in which contemporary
artists depict the crops, vines, animals, barns, fields, and tools that sustain us.
In appreciation of the farmers who cultivate the most delicious wine, raise the gentlest livestock, and furnish our tables with nourishing food.

Exhibiting artists:
Al Barker, Dolores Cohen, Eric Fausnacht, Joe Kazimierczyk, Gerald Lubeck,
Tasha O’Neill, Jack Quinn, Linda Rossin, George Shumate, Michael Schweigart,
Igor Svibilsky, and William Vandever

Click here for the Sustainable Harvest educational panels.

Wind Gust by Jack Quinn (featured in New York Times exhibit listing)

Verdant by Tasha O'Neill

Camelback Ridge by Jack Quinn

Six Mile Run Farm by Joe Kazimierczyk


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