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DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson, along with Governor Jon Corzine, spoke at the signing of a bill to provide $200 million in additional funds for Green Acres/Blue Acres and Farmland.  The event was held at the Johnson Education Center, Princeton, NJ

Rent Our Space: Johnson Education Center

Public spaces at the Johnson Education Center are available for nonprofit and corporation events at an hourly or daily rate plus custodial as listed below. For more information about our rental policy and fees, please contact Laurie Emde, or by phone at 609-924-4646 x123.

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Rentals & Rate Schedules

Room Name Square feet Capacity Daily Rates
(Nonprofits only)
Hourly Rates
(Nonprofits and Corporations)
Custodial fee

1,466 sq. ft.
(See Floor Plan)
175 standing,
100 auditorium-style seating


$75 $175

861 sq. ft.
(See Floor Plan)
50 individuals




684 sq. ft.
(See Floor Plan)

48 individuals




  • See individual room descriptions below for more detailed information.
  • Private parties and events are prohibited.
  • Custodial fee may be discounted dependent upon setup requirements for hourly rates only.
  • Approval of dates for events is contingent upon staff availability.
  • Additional fees & discounts:

    •  Additional fee of $100 will be added to total for night or weekend events.
    •  Maximum custodial fee if renting multiple rooms is $225.
    •  Discount of $35 per additional room if renting multiple rooms. 
    •  Caterer and Lessee are required to remove all trash and recycling from premises at the conclusion of the scheduled event, otherwise an additional fee of $60 will be charged for removal.

    Parking configuration for events at the Johnson Education Center (Click to open and download file).

    A view of the Johnson Education Center from the Olukotun Preservation Bridge
    An art opening at the Johnson Education Center
    The Facility

    •  Regular business hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    •  Facility use hours for events: 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

    •  Maximum building occupancy: 326 people

    • Strives to be green & sustainable

    •  Fees include use of audio-visual equipment, lectern, wired internet and available furnishings:

    • 150 stackable chairs;
    • 60” round tables (6);  
    • 72”X30” folding tables (12);
    • 48”X24” folding table (1);
    • 96”X48” conference tables (4) in Upmeyer Partnership Room only;
    • Rolling padded chairs (28) in Upmeyer Partnership Room only.
    • Lessee must supply their own laptop computer; in addition to a fully networked audio-visual system in the RWJ auditorium and EVJ Stewardship Room, there is a projection cart and movable screen available. Please Note: In order to make your event run smoothly, Lessee must notify D&R Greenway of interenet and audio-visual needs 48 hours in advance.

    Rules & Regulations

    •  A deposit of $100 and a Certificate of Insurance is required with the application to secure the event date. The deposit is non-refundable for corporate events.   Full payment is due no later than 10 days after the event.

    •  Smoking and any open flames are strictly prohibited at Johnson Education Center and all buildings on the site including restrooms.

    •  A separate refundable security deposit check of $150 is required in addition to the $100 deposit. The security deposit will be returned after the event, if the building and grounds are acceptably clean and there is no damage or loss to D&R Greenway Land Trust property.

    •  D&R Greenway Land Trust grants permission to use the Johnson Education Center in “as is” condition and disclaims any responsibility for loss, injury or damage which may occur to Applicant, catering staff, or guests.

    Individual Rooms and the History Behind Their Names

    Views of rooms available for meetings and programs: Photos top to bottom: Robert Wood Johnson Auditorium set up lecture style; Evelyne V. Johnson Room set up for small group session; Neil Upmeyer Room; Another view of Robert Wood Johnson Auditorium set up classroom style.
    RWJ Auditorium
    Evelyne V. Johnson Room
    Neil Upmeyer Room is available for meetings
    Alternate arrangement of RWJ Auditorium

    Robert Wood Johnson Auditorium - This magnificent 1,466 square foot space contains the original hand-hewn timber frame and exposed diagonal fir sheathing, retaining the original architectural characteristics of a barn constructed circa 1900.  The space can comfortably accommodate 175 people for a standing reception and 100 for an auditorium-style, seated presentation.  The RWJ Auditorium contains presentation capabilities that allow for wired internet, computer connections, DVDs, CDs, and iPod inputs.

    Evelyne V. Johnson Room - A gift of the Evelyne V. Johnson – Thomas Gardner Paynter Foundation.  Robert Wood Johnson and his wife Evelyne acquired the land on which the Johnson Education Center stands in 1948.  This room contains art exhibition space as well as presentation facilities (except internet connection), and can comfortably accommodate 50 individuals for meetings.

    Upmeyer Room - A gift of Robert & Stephanie Harris.  Neil Upmeyer was one of the first trustees of D&R Greenway and served as our board chair from 1998 – 2001, during the preservation of Greenway Meadows.  Neil was
    Neil Upmeyer was Chairman of D&R Greenway's Board of Directors from 1998 to 2001. He and his wife Mimi Upmeyer were lifelong conservationists who died much too young. Their spirit lives on at D&R Greenway and the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance.
    Neil Upmeyer was Chairman of the D&R Greenway Board of Trustees from 1998-2001
    the first to see the possibilities in the 100-year-old barn on the property and his imagination ultimately led to the establishment of the Johnson Education Center. The Neil Upmeyer Partnership Resource Center, and adjacent Goldman Family Library, comfortably accommodates 48 individuals, and provides meeting space to our many partner organizations.  The Upmeyer Room has wired internet and allows for computer connections, DVDs, CDs, and iPod inputs. D&R Greenway and Neil’s friends and family established the Upmeyer Internship in Land Preservation and Stewardship to inspire young adults to follow in Neil’s footsteps as the next generation of environmental leaders.

    Additional Views of the Johnson Education Center

    Goldman Family Library on the Second Floor (shown above set for an event) and the Olivia Rainbow Gallery (bottom photo) at the Johnson Education Center
    Goldman Family Library
    Olivia Rainbow Gallery

    For Organizations with ongoing meeting and program needs...

    Annual Partner Membership

    D&R Greenway wishes to support and encourage non-profit, educational and municipal partners by making the Johnson Education Center available to you for your meeting and technical needs. Annual Partner Membership is $400 for daytime use during regular business hours or $500 for evening or weekends schedules.  Your annual fee includes:

    •  Use of the RWJ Auditorium, the Neil Upmeyer Partnership Room or the Evelyne V. Johnson Room for a maximum of twelve (12) regularly scheduled monthly meetings (use not to exceed 2.5 hours including setup and breakdown) or use of the RWJ Auditorium for one (1) public event per year. Annual Partner Membership fee cannot be pro-rated.

    •  Use of audio-visual equipment as available per room selection, podium/microphone, tables, chairs, and kitchen facilities.

    Note: Facility use and resources are dependent upon availability. Our staff cannot assist in the use of our resources with the exception of providing pre-arranged consulting time. Please call to schedule use of our facility and resources and provide prior notice of any and all audio-visual requirements and cancellations.  Annual Partner Membership fee will not be pro-rated.

    History of the Land and Buildings Where the Johnson Education Center Stands Today

    What's in a name?

    The Johnson Education Center, located on the land that belonged to General Robert Wood Johnson and his family for many years, has become a reality thanks to the generosity of the Johnson family. Their contribution that named the Center will carry on the General's commitment to the environment and the health and viability of the communities of New Jersey.

    Historic maps and photos of Edgerstoune Estate where Greenway Meadows stands today. Bottom photo shows the groundbreaking ceremony at D&R Greenway's home at the Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place,
    Princeton, New Jersey
    Historic Map of Edgerstoune
    Historic Photos of the Estate of General Robert Wood Johnson
    Groundbreaking at Johnson Education Center


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