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Spirit by William Vandever

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Marie L. Matthews Gallery
at the Johnson Education Center

This gallery has on exhibit works from a variety of media, inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Marie L. Matthews Gallery is located inside a circa 1900's restored barn that is also home to D&R Greenway Land Trust.

You may visit the galleries during weekdays from 10am to 5pm, except for holidays.
Please call 609.924.4646 ahead of time to ensure that art exhibitions are viewable in all rooms.

art opening

The video catalog of previous art shows can be found on our YouTube channel.

Top Introductory Photo - Spirit by William Vandever, Digital archival print

Current Exhibit:

"Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water"

This exhibit will be open for viewing through May 23.

Passage by Richard Rappleyea

Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water is a juried art exhibit that features artistic interpretations of water to communicate the importance and beauty of water to our lives and our ecosystems. Plentiful, polluted, scarce, and inspiring.

Exhibition dates: March 31 – May 23

Reception: Friday, April 11, 5:30-7:30pm
This event is free and open to the public. Click here to RSVP!

Exhibiting Artists:
Marina Ahun
Bob Barish
Clara Beym
Beatrice Bork
Silvere Boureau
Gail Bracegirdle
Deb Brockway
Peter Burt
Cynthia S Campbell
Jean Childs Buzgo
Connie Dierks
Suzanne Dinger
Lynn Ebeling
Eugene Gladston
Fred Gardner
Carl Geisler
Donna Gratkowski
Kate Graves
Ann Guidera-Matey
Bill Hoo
Brenda Jones
Joy Kreves
Leslie Kuenne
Deborah Land
Mary Allessio Leck
Donna Levinstone
Byron Lum
Frank Magalhães
Rory Mahon
Wiebke Martens
William McCarroll
Lucy Graves McVicker
Bill Metz
Marge Miccio
Halina Nawrot
Tasha O'Neill
Beth Parcell Evans
Paula Pearl
Elizabeth Peck
Teresa Prashad
Janet Purcell
Isaiah Ratterman
Linnea W. Rhodes
Richard Rappleyea
Michelle Rosenthal
Denise and Edward Saldutti and Petersen
Eileen Shanley
Madelaine Shellaby
C.A. Shofed
Stefanie Silverman
Margaret Simpson
Priscilla Snow Algava
Marie Stile
Diane Tomash
Nancy Lynn Toolan
William Vandever
Lynn Varga
Samuel Vovsi
Mary Waltham
Alice Warshaw
Joy Yagid
Peter Zdenek
Anne Zeman

Previous Exhibit:

"Wild Creatures: 40 Years Protecting Endangered Species"

Portrait of a Tiger by James Fiorentino


As endangered species transition from reality to legend, we are reminded of the history that surrounds our endangered and extinct wildlife. A visual and educational exploration of both the spiritual beauty and harsh realities that relate to the animals we love, from the familiar to the exotic.

Exhibiting Artists: Annelies van Dommelen, James Fiorentino, Susan Hoenig,
Tom Mills, Dallas Piotrowski, Tricia Zimic, Megan Uhaze, Lynn Varga

Marie L. Matthews
Marie L. Matthews

The Marie L. Matthews Gallery was named in honor of Marie L. Matthews, a noted Princeton artist. Marie Matthews lived a full life as an accomplished nature photographer, very active in philanthropic affairs. She raised a family and traveled widely. She graduated from the University of California-Berkeley and received a Masters Degree in Education from Goucher College. She served as a trustee of the Lymphoma Research Foundation, Corner House Foundation, and Mothers 2 Mothers Program. The generous spirit of Marie lives on in the Marie L. Matthews Gallery.

Olivia Rainbow Gallery

Named by Leslie and Chris Kuenne of Princeton in memory of their daughter Olivia, a burgeoning artist who loved the outdoors, the gallery exhibits works of children and students from pre-school through high school ages. Throughout the year, changing exhibits mirror the theme of the art displayed in the Marie L. Matthews Gallery.

Current exhibit:


Co-sponsored by the Princeton Photography Club

High school juried photography exhibit



Top to bottom: 1st place winner "Snow-motion" by Rea Isaac, 2nd place winner "Winter Ghosts" by Alex Lin, 3rd place winner "First Snow" by Victoria Berzin.



Peter Abrams and the B Home
at the Johnson Education Center
Click here for B Home information sheet

Presenting the inaugural exhibit of artist Peter Abrams' B Home at the Johnson Education Center. Peter Abrams and his crew will be assembling and demonstrating sustainable building practices in conjunction with local schools and organizations. 

    It's called the B Home, a hexagonal shaped structure that can have many applications, from a children's playhouse, an artist studio, to a temporary relief shelter. Its shape derives from that of honeycombs and wasps' nests.

From the B Home website:

The B Home is a conceptual modular shelter system currently being developed by Peter Abrams of Modern Metal Work LLC in partnership with EPICS of Princeton University. It represents a fast, cheap way to provide shelter and security for those in need. Unlike current approaches like tents and trailers, the B Home is also designed to support a sustainable community. It was inspired by the geometric efficiency and communal benefits of the honeycomb structure in beehives. The name has a triple meaning:

  • B HOME: A plan B, an alternative home, a fall-back plan. A basic shelter for those without one.
  • BE HOME: Simply a place to be, a place to rest, store modest belongings, and feel safe.
  • BEE HOME: Inspired by the honey bees, whose honeycomb reminds us of the art of community and space organization.

An example of biomimicry, the B Home derives inspiration from the honeycomb of a beehive, efficiently enclosing space with a hexagonal lattice. The hexagon design provides more enclosed space in a smaller area using less materials and energy. Each unit provides a safe, comfortable and private space for individuals to sleep and store basic belongings. Together, the units form a strong, interconnected structure where utilities are efficiently shared. The B Home offers a more permanent, stable and efficient alternative to other low-cost shelter systems, as well as providing a sense of community through architecture.


Click here for directions to the Johnson Education Center
One Preservation Place
Princeton, NJ 08540


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