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United Water Company lands in autumn

Deer Hunting on D&R Greenway Preserves

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White-tailed deer overpopulation can cause extensive ecological damage to natural areas by over browsing our native vegetation.  To help protect the integrity of our preserves, D&R Greenway manages a hunting program to help control the deer population. 

Our hunters must have a state hunting permit and liability insurance, and may hunt only from deer stands during state regulated hunting season, which is mid-September through mid-February. Hunting is permitted on our properties from half an hour before dawn to half an hour after dusk, seven days a week, unless there is a trail.  Properties with trails may be hunted Monday through Saturday; no hunting is permitted on Sundays.  Hikers are advised to wear bright colors, stay on trails and keep dogs on leash.

When we preserve a new property or lose a hunter who is assigned to a property, we refer to a waiting list to fill that spot.  Interested hunters can be placed on our waiting list to hunt our preserves by calling our office and providing their contact information.  Please review our Deer Management Guidelines and Application Materials Checklist.  

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