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  • Passage by Richard Rappleyea
    D&R Greenway exhibit immerses visitors in watery images [The Times, May 2014]
    "The D&R Greenway Land Trust's current exhibit celebrates water, nature's most important compound. The three large galleries of the Johnson Education Center are full of paintings and photographs, prints and folded paper, fabric, sculpture and even a large decorative screen. There are abstract images and some so real you feel you can reach down into that pond and lift out that beautiful fish." [Click to read more]

  • The 43-acre Wooden property.
    D&R Greenway Land Trust reaches milestone with 250th property [nj.com, December 2013]
    "With acquisition of the Wooden property in West Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, D&R Greenway Land Trust has reached a new milestone with preservation of the 250th property since their founding in 1989. Walter Wooden, who owned the property and began the work with D&R Greenway to protect it, died in April 2012 at age 57 before the sale could be completed. His wife Debra and family brought the transaction to fruition, honoring Walter’s commitment to preserving the family legacy. The site had been purchased by Walter’s grandfather at the turn of the last century as part of a larger property. According to family lore, he paid $3,000 for 100 acres – less than 1 % of the $425,000 acquisition price for 43 acres in 2013." [Click to read more]

  • The Scott & Hella McVay Poetry Trail at Greenway Meadows.
    Bringing art and nature together [princeton echo, July 2013]
    "D&R Greenway Land Trust's recent Down to Earth Ball wasn't only one of the organization's primary fundraising events, it also served as a celebration of the thousands of acres of land it has helped preserve. The Greenway is one of the most successful land trusts in the state, having preserved more than 17,306 acres worth $362 million. In the 24 years it has been in existence, the Greenway has also evolved into an important resource for the arts, literature, and environmental education." [Click to read more]

  • Native plants in bloom at St. Michaels Farm Preserve in Hopewell, New Jersey.
    st m
    St. Michael's: Site of many new projects [Hopewell Valley News, April 11, 2013]
    "St. Michael’s Farm Preserve was just awakening from a long winter’s nap when D&R Greenway Land Trust leaders addressed a group of 25 community members, whose spirits couldn’t be dampened by the then cold rainy weather. In early March, they gathered in Hopewell Borough Hall to learn more about new projects at the 395-acre farm preserve. 'St. Michael’s was preserved in 2010 through a grassroots effort by the Hopewell community, with the support of over 900 individuals and local businesses,' D&R Greenway President and CEO Linda Mead reminded the gathering." [Click to read more]
  • Sophie Glovier, author of "Walk the Trails in and Around Princeton". Photo credit: U.S. 1 Newspaper.
    Take A Hike! It's Good for Mind, Body, and Soul [U.S. 1 Newspaper, January 2013]
    "'You get so cocooned in your house. If you just get over the hurdle of getting out, you'll feel better,' says Princeton resident Sophie Glovier, author of the "Walk the Trails In and Around Princeton" and a central New Jersey resource for getting people on their feet and out the door. 'The reason that I really started the book is that I got a puppy five years ago. He was filled with energy so I had to start walking every day. I don't like to jump in the car and wanted to go to places nearby. Then I started taking friends. After we would go on these long great walks, they would say that they would like to do it again, but they would never go without me because they may get lost. So there was a need for the guide.'" [Click to read more]

  • Linda Munson with participants in NJTL program of Trenton, at new Charles Evans Native Plant Garden in Cadwalader Park. Photo credit: Hunterdon County Democrat.
    Dedication ceremony held for Charles Evans native plant garden in Trenton [Hunterdon County Democrat, November 2012]
    "On Saturday, Oct. 6, the Charles Evans Native Plant Garden was dedicated by D&R Greenway Land Trust and National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton. It features trees, shrubs and perennial wildflowers that are indigenous to New Jersey. The garden is in Cadwalader Park, adjacent to the new tennis center. This project came to fruition through a generous gift from Linda Munson, Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Charles Evans Foundation. The Charles Evans Native Plant Garden, installed by D&R Greenway Land Trust over the summer, is maintained by the Garden Club of Trenton." [Click to read more]

  • "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land": D&R Greenway Gala,
    2012 Donald B. Jones Conservation Award to Flemer Family

    The Flemer family, Alan Hershey, Board Chair, D&R Greenway, Linda Mead, President & CEO, D&R Greenway, and Richard S. Goldman, Esq., Trustee, D&R Greenway. Photo credit: Richard A. Grant.

    "A milestone in conservation was celebrated at the Greenway Gala on Sunday, September 9. D&R Greenway Land Trust presented their 2012 Donald B. Jones Conservation Award to the Flemer family of Princeton Nurseries fame. As golden light streamed through the branches of a 350-year-old oak tree, the Stretto Youth Orchestra surprised the Flemer family with a beautiful rendition of Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, moving some to tears. D&R Greenway chose the Flemers for this year's Donald B. Jones Conservation Award because of their preservation, on August 16, 2012, of the Allentown site of Princeton Nurseries. This 1,900-acre-transaction, at $28-million, represents the largest farmland-and-open-space-protection in state history."
    [Click to read more]

  • Rand Wentworth, President, National Land Trust Alliance, speaking at D&R Greenway. Photo credit: Ilene Dube.
    Template for Land Preservation [U.S. 1 Newspaper, July 2012]
    "D&R Greenway Land Trust recently welcomed guests from across the nation to a pioneer program in land preservation. Our purpose was to catalyze and speed the pace of preservation in the 21st century. Building upon our signature methods that have fueled D&R Greenway's successful land preservation throughout central and southern New Jersey, this gathering concentrated and expanded the collaborative approach to conservation financing." [Click to read more]

  • New England Astor in bloom. Photo credit: D&R Greenway Land Trust.
    native plants
    Native Plant Seeds for New York City Parks Get Their Start in New Jersey [Land Trust Alliance, April 2012]
    "New York has always depended on the rolling green fields and farms of the Garden State for agricultural products. Beyond the oil refineries that seem ubiquitous to anyone looking down over Newark Airport, D&R Greenway Land Trust in Princeton is incubating seeds for native wildflowers that will soon proliferate in New York City Parks." [Click to read more]


  • Margaret O’Gorman, left; Jay Watson, D&R Greenway; Congressman Rush  Holt; Amy Cradic. Photo courtesy of U.S. 1 Newspaper.
    green acres
    U.S. 1 Crashes a Party: Green Acres' 50th Anniversary [U.S. 1 Newspaper, November 2, 2011]
    "Virtually everyone who is anyone in land preservation and who supports land preservation was on hand at the 50th anniversary celebration of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres program, the oldest program of its kind in the nation. Held at D&R Greenway Land Trust, the event drew guests from every corner of the field." [Click to read more]
    [Click to see more photos from the event - courtesy of U.S. 1 Newspaper]


  • Ed Toth, director of New York City's native plant center
    ed toth
    Seeds for New York: The Lawn Guy [The New York Times, October 23, 2011]
    "A seed, to most people, is an inscrutable thing, a closed box waiting to be unpacked. But for Ed Toth, the director of New York City’s native plant center on Staten Island, it is a wide-open window, with a view stretching back to the last Ice Age and forward into the future. Mr. Toth, a botanist who has worked with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation for a quarter-century, is an updated, urbanized Johnny Appleseed, fired by the same spirit as those who champion locally grown food. He zealously advocates the use of not only native plants, but those propagated from seeds that were harvested as close to New York as possible." [Click to read more]


  • Marsh Pink uncommon wildflower
    D&R Greenway, New Jersey Water Supply Authority and partners preserve 88 acres on Plum Brook in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County [Press Release, August 3, 2011]
    "On August 3rd, D&R Greenway Land Trust completed their latest open space acquisition, the 88-acre Central Jersey Beagle Club property located in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County.  A most unique property located on the Plum Brook, the land was preserved in partnership with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority, Hunterdon County, Delaware Township and NJDEP’s Green Acres program..." [Click to read more]

  • Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve: "New Jersey's Central Park" [Press Release, May 23, 2011]
    The Sandy Road by Charles McVicker
    Sandy Road

    "D&R Greenway Land Trust announces the renaming of its first preserve to The Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve, formerly McBurney Woods.  The result of 20 years of intricate acquisitions, The Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve was accomplished through the vital partnership of D&R Greenway and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres program..." [Click to read more]

  • Bill Flemer speaking at the announcement ceremony for the preservation of Princeton Nurseries
    Bill Flemer at the ceremony
    Large protection deal would save nearly 2,000 acres in Mercer, Burlington, Monmouth counties [The Times, April 19, 2011]
    "Surrounded by blooming magnolias and dogwoods, more than two dozen local and state officials gathered in Upper Freehold yesterday to announce the $27.8 million preservation of nearly 2,000 acres straddling three counties including Mercer..." [Click to read more]

    Linda Mead, President & CEO of D&R Greenway, and Jessica Durrie, owner of Small World Coffee
    Linda Mead and Jessica Durrie

  • Small World Coffee becomes D&R Greenway's newest Business Partner in Preservation [Press Release, April 2011]
    "President & CEO, Linda Mead celebrates D&R Greenway Land Trust’s newest Business Partner in Preservation, Small World Coffee.  This legendary Witherspoon Street Café recently donated over $1,300 raised from their art exhibition, the “Love Show”..." [Click to read more]

  • "Giving Credit" editorial about D&R Greenway [Hunterdon County Democrat, April 7, 2011]
    "...D&R [Greenway]'s determination to share its success by also sharing credit -- in its [2010 Annual] report and its news releases announcing purchases -- sets a standard to other nonprofits. Every group would be wise to emulate D&R [Greenway]'s practice..." [Click to read more]

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