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The Native Plant Nursery at D&R Greenway Land Trust is dedicated to restoring a rich diversity of native flora to the local landscape. It supplies native plants for D&R Greenway’s stewardship work, the conservation community, and to the general public, so that the residential landscape might be re-knit with the natural landscape.

All of our plants are nursery-grown with responsibly collected seed stock from our immediate area. Indigenous to New Jersey, our plants are well-adapted for its ecology. They represent ecotypes and genetic variations specific to the region and thus preserve diversity at the sub-species level.

The native plants of New Jersey are beautiful, graceful and intricate. They are fundamental to pure water, clean air, and healthy wildlife populations. However, over-development, the deer overpopulation crisis, and invasive non-native plants are causing a collapse in New Jersey’s plant diversity and abundance. The Native Plant Nursery is managed by D&R Greenway Land Trust. The Nursery is located next to the Johnson Education Center at One Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ 08540. Walks and talks can be arranged in advance by calling 609.924.4646, ext. 126.

As the movement to “plant local” flourishes, many people are realizing the benefits of using native species in home landscapes and gardens. Join us on Thursday November 4 for the Native Species Landowner Forum at D&R Greenway Land Trust's Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place in Princeton, NJ. Learn about wild plants, birds, and animals which do or could thrive in your home landscape. The 2010 Landowner's Forum at D&R Greenway Land Trust features two speakers presenting on ecological landscaping in our yards and gardens. Topics covered will include native plant landscapes, rain gardens, deer fencing, attracting birds and pollinators.

Presenter Harry McGarrity lives on a small property on a diabase ridge (similar to the Princeton Ridge and Sourland Mountain), in Nockamixon Township, PA. He will discuss his learning process as owner and steward of the diverse landscape of his 13 acres, including his growing awareness of rare plant, butterfly, bird, amphibian, and dragonfly species. He will also describe the incredible diversity which has returned to his home since he put deer fence around the entire property.

Presenter David Hughes is an ecological landscaper based in Bucks County, PA. He is the principal of Weatherwood Design, specializing in resilient native plant-based landscapes. David will discuss ways to enrich the diversity of one's property, whether large or small, through the creation of sustainable, naturalistic landscapes, and bring his unique insight as a craftsman and designer to the discussion of natural habitats at home.

Updated October 21, 2010