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D&R Greenway Land Trust’s mission is to Preserve and Care for Land and Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever. D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery is dedicated to restoring a rich diversity of native flora to the local landscape by providing plants to the public. The nursery also supplies our preserves and restoration projects.


Fall Native Plant Sale

In Person & Open to the Public

September 16 and 17, 5 – 6:30 pm

September 18, 9 – 11:00 am

One Preservation Place, PRINCETON, NJ 08540

Visitors must wear masks and maintain social distancing

Check out our Fall 2021 Native Plant Inventory to view
a complete list of all of the plants, shrubs, and trees, Oh My!

Fall is a great time to plant shrubs and trees because it gives them an extra growing season to establish their root system ahead of the stress of summer heat.

Available trees and shrubs include oaks, ironwood, delicious local fruiting trees including pawpaw, serviceberry, beach plum; as well as buttonbush, red buckeye, spicebush (earliest spring flowerlets and home of spicebush swallowtail butterfly), witch hazel (which blooms in winter), dogwood and bayberry. Among our native flowers are blue flag iris, mountain mint, goldenrod (this important pollinator plant bears heavy pollen, which falls to the ground, does not travel by air, does not generate allergies), subtle foxglove beardtongue, towering Joe Pye weed and the exquisite blue lobelia.

Questions?  Contact us at or 609-578-7470

Click the link below to read more about native plants in an article in the U.S. 1 News that featured

D&R Greenway and Tina Notas, our Director of Land Stewardship

“How better to show you care about the future than by planting a tree?” says Tina Notas, director of land stewardship at the D&R Greenway in Princeton

Thank you for supporting our native plant nursery
and for your commitment to using native plants!

By planting native plants, you’re helping rebuild our ecosystem and the services it provides.

And giving a gift to the next generation!

Our Mission: To Preserve & Care for Land and Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever

Land Preserved
316 stories of preservation and 21,196 protected Acres
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