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D&R Greenway Land Trust’s mission is to Preserve and Care for Land and Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever. D&R Greenway’s Native Plant Nursery is dedicated to restoring a rich diversity of native flora to the local landscape by providing plants to the public. The nursery also supplies our preserves and restoration projects.


Now is the time to Plant Native!

Save the Dates for Our Spring Native Plant Sale!

Thursday, April 25, noon-4pm

Friday, April 26, noon-3pm

Saturday, April 27, 9am-noon

Click HERE for a list of the plants and prices that are available during the sale!

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted for this sale.
We look forward to seeing you at the nursery for our 2024 Spring Native Plant Sale!

For additional information and instructions, check out our
Native Plants Description and  Care Details Guide below.
This Guide can help you select Native Plants for your garden habitat,
complete descriptions of select plants, soil and sun requirements,
size, and pollinator and habitat friendly status.
This Guide is for informational purposes only.
Not all of the plants listed in this Guide are available
during our Plant Sales.
Click for Plant Details and Care Instructions


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Thank you for supporting our native plant nursery.


Click the link below to read more about native plants in an article in the U.S. 1 News that featured
D&R Greenway and Tina Notas, our Director of Land Stewardship

“How better to show you care about the future than by planting a tree?” says Tina Notas, director of land stewardship at the D&R Greenway in Princeton

Thank you for supporting our native plant nursery
and for your commitment to using native plants!

By planting native plants, you’re helping rebuild our ecosystem and the services it provides.

And giving a gift to the next generation!

Our Mission: To Preserve & Care for Land and Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever

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