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Keep your Dog on a Leash and Under Control at All Times.
Regardless of how friendly your dog is, they may be frightening to others.
Dogs can harm ground wildlife, even if not intentionally.
So please, leash your dog so that you, your neighbors, their pets, and wildlife are all safe on our preserves!
All dogs are good dogs until they are not.
Thank You!

Trails on Conservation Easements

Mercer County

These trails are located on conservation easements owned by private landowners. Please respect the landowners by staying on the marked trail. Elm Ridge Greenway A flat 0.5 mile walk from Elm Ridge Road with views of the Stony Brook. Click > Read More

Bordentown Bluffs

Burlington County
From the end of Stanton Avenue, follow the trail toward the bluff and Crosswicks Creek. The main trail turns right (north) at the t-intersection, crosses a ravine and runs through a Mountain Laurel thicket (unique in this part of New > Read More

Omick Woods

Hunterdon County
The Omick Woods at Rocktown Preserve, in East Amwell, is at the western end of the Sourland Region, a 20-mile forested ridge stretching from Duke Farms in Somerset County to Lambertville in Hunterdon. The diabase rock underlying the ridge is > Read More

Pryde Brown

Hunterdon County
This large expanse of forest on both sides of the Alexauken Creek includes “Pryde’s Point”—private land with trails open to the public—and the State of New Jersey’s Alexauken Creek Wildlife Management area. The combined preserve can be entered from the > Read More

Dry Run Creek Trail

Hunterdon County
Signs of earlier land usage are evident along this walk. Old stone walls slice down the slopes toward the creek, and along the valley sides, suggesting earlier property boundaries and perhaps field clearances. Parts of the trail follow or cross > Read More

Woodens Lane

Hunterdon County

The 43-acre Woodens Lane property is a largely agricultural tract that includes an approximately 12-acre coniferous forest and a mature windbreak that separates the two main fields. The land slopes downward from northeast to southwest, providing a view of the preserved Bald Pate Mountain range.

Cider Mill Preserve

Hunterdon County

The Cider Mill Grassland Preserve is a 90 acre property located in the heart of the agricultural landscape of the Amwell Valley.  The property slopes gently to the south, providing a view of the Sourland Mountain ridge.  The Preserve is part of the NJ Natural Heritage Program’s designated “Amwell Valley Grassland Macrosite” which totals approximately 1,593 acres and is considered a prime example of agricultural grasslands in New Jersey.

Charles Evans Children’s Discovery Trail

Mercer County
This wonderful corner of land holds a diversity of habitat types including: a pretty little wet meadow with Indian grass, Switch grass, mountain mint and swamp milkweed; a wet woodland with musclewood and tuliptree, a small bog with tussock sedge, > Read More

Pennington Loop Nature Trail

Mercer County
This trail arcs around the northeastern edge of Pennington Borough. This is not a loop trail, but walkers can connect the two ends of the trail route into a loop by walking the pleasant residential streets of the Borough of > Read More

All Saints Preserve (next to Herrontown Woods)

Mercer County
This 35-acre property is contiguous with Herrontown Woods, which was donated as Princeton's first nature preserve by Oswald and Elizabeth Veblen in 1957. All Saints serves as an entryway to Herrontown from the All Saints’ Church of Princeton parking lot. It > Read More

Kate’s Trail

Mercer County
Kate’s Trail is on a 60 acre conservation easement held by D&R Greenway Land Trust. See D&R Greenway Land Trust. The area of the easement with the trail and public access covers 20 acres. The remaining 40 acre easement does not > Read More

Abbott Marshlands

Mercer County
The Abbott Marshlands is composed of 3,000 acres of wetlands and uplands located on the western edge of central New Jersey just below Trenton. The diverse habitats – freshwater tidal and non-tidal marshes and swamps, ponds, and woodlands – are > Read More

St. Michaels Farm Preserve

Mercer County
Now over 400 acres, the St. Michaels property, which was preserved in 2010 and expanded in 2017, is an expanse of farm fields and forests on the edge of Hopewell Borough. From many parts of this preserve the visitor has > Read More

Sourlands Ecosystem Preserve

Mercer County
Sourland Mountains Spanning 60,000 acres, the Sourlands region is a reservoir of biodiversity in central New Jersey. D&R Greenway has already facilitated the preservation of more than 3,400 acres in the Sourlands and is a leading partner with state, county > Read More

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Mercer County
At over 200 acres, Cedar Ridge is one of D&R Greenway's earliest and most important preserves. It is a real beauty. It has wildflower-filled meadows, flowering trees and shrubs in hedgerows, a corridor along the Stony Brook, small pools that > Read More

Greenway Meadows

Mercer County

Greenway Meadows, which surrounds D&R Greenway Land Trust’s home in Princeton, is a wonderful place to explore and play.

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