D&R Greenway Land Trust protects over 20,000 acres of land in one of the highest population density states in the country. Hike, bike, paddle, and drive to explore these preserved green, open spaces. Here are some activities, available through the TravelStorys app, to help you explore, learn about the history of the land, and experience the positive health benefits of spending time outdoors!

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Seldom Told Stories of the Delaware River

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D&R Greenway announces its first TravelStorys driving tour called ‘D&R Greenway’s Seldom Told Stories of the Delaware River’. This driving tour guides you along the scenic Delaware River – to hear 28 stories between Bordentown, New Jersey, and New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Lambertville, New Jersey.  This 40-mile journey can be navigated from either direction or can be joined at any point in between. The drive time without stops is about 90 minutes, and the full tour has additional stops along the way.

This tour shares little-known stories about the region’s history, geology, preservation, open space and recreation. You’ll drive through quaint historic river towns and the state capital of New Jersey. And you will experience many wonderful features of the river and its surroundings, from tidal areas in Bordentown to Goat Hill and Baldpate Mountain. Feel free to stop to hike a trail and visit the sites. While this tour won’t take you in a river boat on a lazy summer day, perhaps it will spark your interest to spend more time on the water.  As you listen to these stories, we hope you’ll be inspired to join D&R Greenway and the many people who have spent decades caring for the Delaware River as stewards of its natural, historic and cultural resources.

Learn About Women in Conservation While Walking Cedar Ridge Preserve

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The stories of 16 leading “Women in Conservation” are told in a remarkable, newly released audio tour of D&R Greenway’s Cedar Ridge Preserve in Hopewell. The tour features international leaders such as Rachel Carson, Deb Haaland and Greta Thunburg. Local leaders include Sophie Glovier, Linda Mead, Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills, Sharyn Magee and Hannah Suthers and Dr. Rosemary Grant.

Created by D&R Greenway, the stories are available on the TravelStorys app and play like a GPS-enabled podcast on your cell phone, or you can hear the stories using your computer at home. The tour is the 200th on the TravelStorys platform, which has been used by D&R Greenway for tours of the Abbott Marshlands, St. Michaels Farm Preserve and Greenway Meadows. Nationally marketed, this new tour has already attracted more than 1,000 remote visitors from around the country!


Healing Trails

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There is a growing body of evidence from around the world that contact with nature positively affects the physical and emotional health of adults and children. Walking in nature can alleviate problems from diabetes, asthma, arthritis and hip and knee injuries. Being outdoors lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, improves sleep, and increases energy and longevity.

For years, we have heard stories of people healing from surgery, illness or trauma by walking on our preserved lands.  This first of its kind “Healing Trail” shares some of those inspiring stories with you. We hope that you may also find peace and perspective on this outdoor experience.

This tour was created in memory of Edie Howard. Sponsors include: Family and friends of Edie Howard, Horizon Foundation, Inc., The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton.


Abbott Marshlands

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The Abbott Marshlands is composed of 3,000 acres of wetlands and uplands located on the western edge of central New Jersey just below Trenton. The diverse habitats – freshwater tidal and non-tidal marshes and swamps, ponds, and woodlands – are home to many kinds of plants and animals, as well as several historic sites.

D&R Greenway has been active in protecting the Abbott Marshlands for 25 years. Working with partners, we were instrumental in establishing Mercer County’s Tulpehaking Nature Center, where you can learn about the archaeological, historic, and natural treasures of the Marsh. Visit the Marsh website or TravelStorys GPS to learn more about this local treasure, or click here to view an aerial video of the Marsh.

St. Michaels Farm Preserve

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Do you remember what it felt like to be a child in wondrous awe of nature? At D&R Greenway, we believe it is crucial for youth to learn about the importance of preserved land and all of the amazing things present in their own backyards. Our children are the next generation of environmentalists!

This audio trail is designed to help you give children ways to find a home in nature. Children for whom nature is a home have a place where they feel free to explore, to express themselves and to learn about the creatures, birds, rocks and water that share our planet.


A little more about TravelStorys

TravelStorys is a free app that uses your location to share authentic stories by locally sourced audio guides. Drive, walk, bike, or paddle along a tour route. Stories about history, wildlife, culture, and more will automatically play as you pass by so you can travel at your own pace.Start a tour and let our technology do the rest. Less like an app and more like a compass, TravelStorys works offline and inside a pocket. Download a tour, hit the play button, and focus on your surroundings instead of your device.

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