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Lecture and Book Signing: Sea Otter Survival Story

Join environmental author and marine wildlife photographer Kim Steinhardt for an eye-opening photographic journey into the secret lives of sea otters, with an update on current litigation that reveals as much about humans as it does about the behaviors and antics of these fascinating and threatened creatures. Part art, part science, part law, this inspiring program will leave you with a better understanding of how our efforts to “manage” nature can sometimes backfire, and how we can work together to solve increasingly complex challenges to our ecosystems. Hanging in the balance is the survival of the remaining 3,200 southern sea otters – and the Endangered Species Act itself.

Kim Steinhardt is co-author of the new book, The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California’s Coast. His photographic work and storytelling has also been recognized by National Geographic Books, among others, where he has served as an advisor and photo contributor regarding sea otters for the Explore My World series. Kim is a former California Administrative Law Judge and long-time conservationist, and he now leads natural and cultural history walks along the beaches and estuaries near his home on the Monterey Bay.

This event is co-sponsored by Princeton Photography Club and Pinelands Preservation Alliance. RSVP at 609-924-4646 or rsvp@drgreenway.org.


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