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Princeton, N.J. — Beginning May 6, D&R Greenway Land Trust will be selling native, local plants for its annual Native Plant Sale, with pick-up dates on May 15 and 16.  Due to the pandemic, this year plants must be pre-ordered as soon as possible to be sure to secure first-choice selections.  Safe and easy pick-up will provide take-home plants to beautify yards and local gardens. The Nursery stocks over 100 species of plants that create attractive landscapes while they provide shelter and food for birds, pollinator insects and butterflies.  Trees, shrubs, perennial wildflowers, grasses, sedges & ferns are grown either on-site in D&R Greenway’s nursery or purchased from reputable native plant growers for resale to support our environment and D&R Greenway’s mission. Proceeds from sales help D&R Greenway steward its open space and preserves that are enjoyed by many for their trails and connection to nature.  https://drgreenway.org/shop/native-plants/.  The Nursery is on the grounds of D&R Greenway at the Johnson Education Center, 1 Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ 08540www.drgreenway.org  609.219.0368.

It is no secret that planting natives is the top choice for ensuring a healthy biodiversity in our local landscape, as described in Doug Tallamy’s dynamic new book, Nature’s Best Hope, that has already achieved New York Times Bestseller status.  University of Delaware Entomology Professor Tallamy is renowned for expertise on crucial pollinator/plant interactions. Described as “a quiet revolutionary”, Tallamy’s theme is that homeowners must now “take environmental action [literally] into their own hands, one yard at a time.” D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center has hosted Tallamy more than once, speaking to local audiences and garden clubs on his first best-seller, Bringing Nature Home. Pulitzer-prize author of The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert, terms Tallamy’s 2020 challenge “one of the great conservation projects of all time.”

D&R Greenway’s comprehensive catalog provides images of in-stock plants, thorough plant descriptions, and pro-tips from D&R Greenway’s experienced Stewardship team. The catalog also addresses specific home garden conditions, such as filtered sun or specific soil conditions. Possibilities include “Herbaceous Shrubs, Plants and Trees.” Purchasers’ questions may be answered through the catalog information. Native Plant Nursery specimens are grown from locally sourced starter plants and are free of harmful nicotinoid insecticides. The added benefit of planning natives that evolved locally is that they require less in maintenance in terms of fertilizer, water and pesticides.

Director of Land Stewardship for D&R Greenway Tina Notas is managing this year’s Native Plant Nursery sale, that in the past has been an in person garden event, “We are excited to provide an on-line process this year, so that local gardeners may choose our vibrant native flora to follow Tallamy’s lead, transforming their home landscapes into healthy habitat. Our broad array of plants appeals to specific creatures, for which our unique local ecosystem is essential, in both breeding and migratory seasons.”

The Johnson Education Center’s ca. 1900 barn is not open to the public at this time, though the land trust’s popular preserves and trails remain open for public enjoyment. In compliance with COVID 19 restrictions, at this time, plant advice cannot be offered at time of sale. Purchasers are requested to wear a mask when they arrive for scheduled pick-up.  The land trust has been careful to put practices in place that safeguard purchasers and staff, while still enabling gardeners to enjoy the spring planting tradition.

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