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Spring 2021 Native Plant Sale OPEN NOW


On-line Plant-Ordering OPEN NOW through April 28

In-Person Pick-Ups: May 6, 7, 8

“Creating Bountiful Home Habitat for All Seasons”


Princeton, N.J. — April 19, 2021

D&R Greenway announces that its over sixty species of healthy local plants are ready for their annual Native Plant Sale. Purchases may now be arranged on-line, through April 28. Pre-order as soon as possible to secure preferred selections. Safe and easy pick-ups, on May 6th, 7th and 8th.  Click here to visit our online store and pick your favorites!

Tina Notas declares, “We are pleased that our proven on-line purchasing process allows regional gardeners to select vibrant native flora, transforming home landscapes into bountiful habitat for all seasons. Our broad array of plants has been selected to benefit wild species specific to New Jersey’s unique ecosystem. Turning home gardens into habitat benefits locally evolved species, in both critical breeding and migratory seasons.”

D&R Greenway’s comprehensive online catalog provides images of in-stock plants, thorough plant descriptions, and pro-tips from D&R Greenway’s experienced Stewardship team. The catalog clearly addresses specific home garden conditions, such as filtered sun and varying soil conditions, as well as featured pollinators. Possibilities include “Flowers, Ferns, and Ground Cover”, “Shrubs” and Trees” as well as curated packages to make it easy to plan your Home Habitat.  Purchasers’ have their questions answered through catalog information.

D&R Greenway’s native trees, shrubs, perennial wildflowers, grasses, sedges and ferns are grown either on-site or purchased from reputable local native-plant growers. Native Plant Nursery specimens are grown from locally sourced starter plants, and are free of harmful nicotinoid insecticides. Planting natives that evolved locally requires less maintenance, in terms of fertilizer, water and pesticides.



Planting natives enhances regional gardens in beauty as well as in usefulness to native creatures, especially pollinators.  The Nursery is on the grounds of D&R Greenway’s Conservation Campus at the Johnson Education Center, One Preservation Place, [off Rosedale Road] Princeton, NJ 08540.  Its 44 miles of  preserve trails are open for memorable hikes, following COVID-19 guidelines. Native Plant Sale proceeds support D&R Greenway’s preservation and stewardship mission. www.drgreenway.org.

The Johnson Education Center’s ca. 1900 barn is not currently open to the public. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, plant advice cannot be offered at time of sale. Purchasers are requested to wear a mask when they arrive for scheduled pick-up. The land trust has made significant changes with regard to Native Plant sales, to safeguard purchasers and staff, meanwhile enabling gardeners to enjoy their vital spring planting tradition. Director of Stewardship, Tina Notas, may be reached at 609-578-7470 or tnotas@drgreenway.org.


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D&R Greenway Land Trust, an accredited nonprofit, has saved over 21,000 acres of New Jersey land since its founding in 1989. By preserving land for life and creating public trails, it gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. The land trust’s preserved farms and community gardens provide local organic food for our neighbors—including those most in need. Through strategic land conservation and stewardship, D&R Greenway combats climate change, protects birds and wildlife, and ensures clean drinking water for future generations. D&R Greenway’s mission is centered in connecting land with people from all walks of life.

D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center, home to its art galleries in Princeton, is currently closed to ensure health and safety due to COVID, although its outdoor trails and labyrinth are open. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and www.drgreenway.org to learn about the organization’s latest news and virtual programs. D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place, Princeton NJ 08540. Best way to reach D&R Greenway Staff during the COVID pandemic is by Info e-mail, available on the website.


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