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There Were All Kinds of Birds, Bats and Bugs…Oh My!! Check Out Our Masquerade Parade Halloween Highlights!

Thanks to ALL Who Participated and Supported D&R Greenway
to Make the Masquerade Parade such a fun day!

Check our out new video thanking everyone
who made our second annual event spooktacular!
Thank you, Alanna Jamieson Papetti, for sharing this video!


All of the fun was in support of D&R Greenway’s mission to preserve land
and enjoy the beauty of our 400+ acre St. Michaels Farm Preserve in Hopewell.

Enjoy the event photos below courtesy of our Masquerade Parade Photographers!

Enthusiastic thanks to our photographers who captured the theme of the floats!

Mary M. Michaels
David Anderson
Tasha O’Neill


We also acknowledge and appreciate all of our terrific volunteers,
without whom we would not have had such a festive event.

Special thanks to:

Josephine Allen

Deana Smith

Jay Ottinger

Community gardener, Ali Parrington and her family
for creating scarecrows that added a special touch to the parade.

The Bristol Myers Squibb employees who gave an extra helping hand.


Floats designed by local organizations evoked their mission and the event theme:
“Birds, Bats and Bugs… Oh, MY!”

The theme honors Nature’s small but mighty pollinators, whose work is essential to life itself.

Bahai’s of Central New Jersey
Swallowtails eat zinnias and sunflowers.
Monarchs eat milkweed.
Monarchs migrate from North
to Central America

The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.” — Baha’u’llah

Bordentown Historical Society
Clara Barton Schoolhouse
No Bats in the Belfry!
Our mission is to preserve, teach and inspire
curiosity about Bordentown’s rich history.

SPLASH Steamboat Floating Classroom
D&R Greenway Land Trust Kayak Program
Aquatic Bugs
The Delaware River Basin has over 800
kinds of aquatic invertebrates.
We provide unique educational adventures
on the Delaware River.
D&R Greenway’s Kayak Program provides educational kayak tours on the Delaware River in partnership with SPLASH.


Happy Halloween From Mutts
Painting created by internationally syndicated
cartoonist Patrick McDonnell.

We Love Marchand Meadows
Named for Phyllis Marchand
D&R Greenway Chair, 2016-2018
Click to Watch a Video and
Enjoy Phyllis’ Life Story in Her Own Words

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Mercer
Good Bugs/Bad Bugs
See if you can find the thugs.

Master Gardeners educate the community about research-based horticulture and gardening practices.

InnerSpace Taijiquan
Butterflies & Bats
Tai Chi nourishes the spirit, mind and body as our flying friends fertilize our favorite edibles.

The Chubby’s Project
Bats help remove agricultural crop pests, reducing the need for chemical pest control.

We are a hyperlocal program dedicated to food justice and building connections within
the Hopewell community.


Climate Project at St. Michaels Farm
Soil Carbon Partners
Our cows come with nature’s flyswatter
as standard equipment.


D&R Greenway Land Trust
Worm Eating Warbler
Did you know the birds on our preserves go to Cornell University at ebird.org?
Our mission is to preserve and care for land
and inspire a conservation ethic,
now and forever.


Hopewell Township Police Department
Robber Fly
Robber Flies help gardens by getting
rid of harmful pests.
We provide essential services to our citizens by utilizing our principles and honoring the differences of all who contribute.


Washington Crossing Audubon Society
They can’t move their eyeballs!
A non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment and protection of birds,
wildlife, and the environment.


Monarch Butterflies
A symbol of migration, endurance,
change, hope and life.
LALDEF promotes the rights of all immigrants, with a focus on the Latin American community in Mercer County.


Little Brown Bat
Original Watercolor Painting
By renowned local watercolor
artist James Fiorentino


Brood X Cicadas
2021 was the year of the Brood X Cicadas
In a story on NJ.com about the cicada boom in Princeton, Greenway Meadows was named one of the best places in NJ to see and hear them.
Next Showing — 2038!

Our Mission: To Preserve & Care for Land and Inspire a Conservation Ethic, Now and Forever

Land Preserved
327 stories of preservation and 22,200+ protected Acres
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